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Bad Medicine: A Party Game about Big Pharma up on Kickstarter

Bad Medicine is a new party card game that's up on Kickstarter. It's from the same creator as Prolix and Battle Mechanics. Players play as a pharmaceutical company trying to create a drug to cure a new malady that's causing havoc in the populace. However, for every up there's a down and your drug's side-effects will become the next round's malady. Do you have what it takes to cure the ills of the world?
The campaign is already more than 2x funded with still 11 days left on the clock.

From the campaign:

Bad Medicine is a raucous new party game of quick thinking and hilarious storytelling, from the designer of the word game Prolix and the economic strategy game Battle Merchants.

In Bad Medicine, you and your opponents are huge pharmaceutical companies. Your goal is to create names and advertisements for new drugs to cure the current Malady, while downplaying any side effects that you'll never know about ahead of time.

Each card in the game has a little bit of a drug name, a little bit of a description, and a side effect. There will be one card dealt in the middle of the table; its side effect is the Malady to cure this round.

You'll formulate a drug to cure the Malady. Then you'll pitch it to the other players. Of course, your drug will have a side effect.

If your pitch gets the most votes, then your drug's side effect will be the Malady to cure next round!

The game will come with special rules for 3-4 players and 5-8 players. I've tested both versions of the game extensively; they're equally fun and hysterical!