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Bad Lands Loot Card Preview

Gangfight Games has previews to show off for their upcoming Bad Lands board game. You can check out some sweet Skinwalker art (some done by Heath "BA" Foley. One I liked so much, I had it permanently added to my arm), a look at the Loot cards, as well as download the preview rulebook.


From them to you:

The preliminary Loot Cards are finished now. The design may change slightly in the end, once we are finished drawing up all the stat icons. For now, we have a PDF file displaying each of the core loot cards on our site.

Gray cards are uncommon, there will be multiple copies of each making up almost half of the 64-card deck. Green cards are uncommon, blue are rare, purple are infamous and orange is legendary. You'll only be able to get Legendary cards in the core boxed game(s). Later on when we do all new stand-alone games, each one will come with a new legendary item.

We do have several Beast Packs planned, and each different pack will come with 10 loot cards... 4 commons, 3 uncommon, 2 rare and 1 infamous. There will be some repeats for common items, but they will also have a few new loot cards that don't come in the core box. The first beast pack we're planning is “Werebulls", they'll have an Alpha Skinwalker Bison, 2 Skinwalker Bulls and 3 Hodag minions. That will be the first stretch goal and add-on item, and each goal will also add a new bonus hero and/or monster to the core game too.

If all goes well, we hope to launch the Kickstarter campaign on February 1st. Stay tuned!