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Bad Faeries 2nd Edition now available

Bad Faeries 2nd EditionRadioactive Press have released the Second Edition of the Bad Faeries rules. From their announcement:
Does your garden suddenly look dry and wilted? Are you finding it hard to get plants to take root and grow? You may think these are signs that destructive insects or bad soil quality are at work, but I must warn you something far more sinister could be responsible. Something you may have heard of. Faeries. There are those who want you to believe faeries are these cute, harmless, little magical beings that are only curious about humans. That belief could not be farther from the truth. Faeries are nothing more than selfish little addicts whose sole desire in life is to suck the life right out of your garden. What many people don't know is that a beautiful well tended garden is a place of magic and magic is what the evil little creatures are addicted to. Welcome to Bad Faeries the game of faerie combat. In Bad Faeries each player controls a mob of faeries fighting over a magical garden and the right to drain that garden of its life giving magic. Bad Faeries is a playset for the Toy Battle System ™ game The Swarm. Note: You must own a copy of The Swarm in order to use this product.