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Bad Beets Now Available

Bad Beets, it's not what old-school hip-hop listeners think of the state of music today, it's the new bluffing card game from Stone Blade Entertainment. They've been showing off the game a lot lately, including during Gen Con, where I got a chance to try it out and talk with Justin Gary all about it, and now you can pick up a copy for yourself.

In the game, you play as kids sitting around the dinner table. You've got a plateful of beets that you don't want to eat. However, it's only by getting rid of your beets that you can get some ice cream! So trade, bluff, tattle, feed the dog, and (as a last resort) eat some beets in order to be the first to get rid of all your beets.

Great for family game nights, Bad Beets is easy to learn and quick to play.