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Back home from GenCon

Well, what a wild ride that was. But we're back home and actually had some sleep and now the task of catching up on all the weekend's news is ahead.

As for GenCon, itself, it was a great time and I want to thank all those I talked to over the long weekend. I had a great time hanging out with the guys from On the Lamb Games, and Infinity and talking with Fantasy Flight Games and Impact! Miniatures and Catalyst Game Labs as well as everyone at CoolMiniOrNot (of course), including the great guys from Soda Pop Miniatures, and Secret Weapon Miniatures, and Blackball Games and of course talking with Mr. Mike McVey of Studio McVey.

I hope I didn't miss anyone.

Anyway, stay tuned to this post for links to my conversations with and some demos of the games by the people listed above. Plus, there's still the links to our photos from the convetion. We'll pin them all here, so you can still find them as we work on that aforementioned news backlog.

GenCon Photos Day 1
GenCon Photos Day 2
GenCon Photos Day 3
GenCon Photos Day 4
Interview with Catalyst Game Labs
Demo of Dust Tactics
Interview with Outrider Hobbies
Interview with Mike McVey
Interview with On the Lamb Games and demo of Brushfire
John Cadice from Soda Pop Miniatures talks about Super Dungeon Explore and Relic Knights
Talking with Tom Anders of Impact! Miniatures about what makes a successful Kickstarter campaign
A chat with Corvus Belli about Infinity
A look at Wrath of Kings at GenCon