Back 2 Base-ix release wound rings

Back 2 Base-ix have released wound rings to use to track damage in your tabletop games. wound40.jpg From their announcement:
One set of Eight (8) laser cut acrylic Wound Rings for table top wargaming. Currently available for 25mm and 40mm Round bases. You will receive two (2) of each ring, numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4. Never forget how many wounds your champion, hero, lord or commander has left (or taken), especially in bigger games with lots going on. Simply slip the ring around the edge of your models base, with it's current wound count at the rear, giving you a constant reminder, see the inset photo which shows how snug a fit they are on standard 25mm bases . All markers are cut from 3mm acrylic and engraved with details as seen in the photos. Markers come to you with a protective paper coating so as not to be scratched during transit to you. Once this layer is simply peeled away, rub in your favourite crayon colour for a contrast effect.
Please Note: These rings are a straight edge cut, so even if your model overhangs the base, either on the immediate surface, or due to large weapons/arms, the rings can be slipped from underneath (ie lift the model up and place it in the ring, rather than the other way around). 14 different colours available, in opaque and transparent. Note On Postage: Please feel free to use the 'JUST BITS' shipping option when purchasing these items. They are very light, and can be packed in such a way to keep your postage bill down.