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Baccus release schedule update

Baccus have posted an update on their planned 6mm historical miniature releases. From their website:
The final bits and pieces for the Napoleonic Russians are taking shape and you can expect these to make an appearance in the next few weeks. Here's a preview of the Olpechnie. With the work on the Early Mediaeval ranges completed for the moment, we've turned our attention back to the huge task of overhauling our older Ancients ranges. This time it is the turn for the Greeks to get the treatment. As with all the resculpts, this will not simply be a matter of replacing older models. The new range will be expanded and made more dynamic with added 'Ooomph!' for the tabletop. You'll get to see some of the new figures in the coming weeks, but stand by to be impressed! Staying with things Ancients, I am finally, finally within sight of finishing the first set of Polemos Ancients rules. These will sport the snappy title of Polemos SPQR and will be released in August. I'll be feeding more details through to you over the coming weeks.