Baccus release resculpted 6mm Carthaginian range

Baccus have added the resculpted Carthaginian range of 6mm historical figures to their online store.


From their website:

Let me try and distract you from wandering if persistent thoughts about why English goalkeepers can’t catch footballs with the announcement of the release of the resculpted Carthaginian range. These have had some very limited availability at wargames shows this year, but now the range is complete and open for all to collect.

The new figures effectively replace the old codes exactly so you you still have old friends such as the African infantry and Libyan cavalry, and where would any self-respecting Carthaginian be without these chaps?

I’ve also taken the opportunity to add a new code in the form of some veteran spearmen who have managed to give themselves a make-over with a job lot of dodgy Roman equipment that fell of the back of a Legion… As you can see, these are quite incredible little models and follow the high standards set by the Spanish and Moors.

Also check out their website for previews of their upcoming Celt figures.