Baccus release Republican Romans

Baccus have added the remainder of their resculpted 6mm Republican Roman figures to their online store.


From their website:

The wait is over (for those of you who were waiting) – the resculpted Republican Romans are now available.

We took some packs with us to Partizan over the weekend and all but one lonely pack of Velites were snapped up by customers on the day. These new figures provided the much-needed opposition to the sundry re-sculpted Moors, Spanish, Celts and Punics that made their appearance earlier in the year and maintain our policy of producing the highest quality that we can in terms of detail, posing and practicality.

As always with our ancients ranges, the Republican Romans are available in army packs and to buy by the unit for the popular ancients rules sets.

Moving forward a few centuries I can also inform you the scourge of the French armies is now available to Napoleonic players in the shape of both mounted and dismounted Spanish guerillas.

On the scenics side, our new British range of buildings can now boast a watermill.

Work is well underway on adding various Italian allies and the later post-Marian reform legionaries to the range and for those of you with a modern take on the hobby the 1866 Austrians are nearing release.