Baccus release first resculpted Ancients

Baccus have posted the first of their resculpted 6mm Ancient figures.


From their website:

The first of the new resculpted Ancients ranges is now up and running as I am pleased to be able to unleash the new Hittite range on an unsuspecting word. The new sculpts are a vast improvement on the old ones reflecting the improvements we have made in sculpting, moulding, casting and design of our ranges over the years.

One innovation we have introduced is the reduction of parts involved in the chariots. For example, the previous Syrian chariot model consisted of four separate parts. This has been reduced to just two in the new models, which in turn makes them much easier to assemble and far stronger. The end result is a much improved end result in every department.

Check out their website for some comparison photos of their old and new 6mm miniatures.