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Baccus release 6mm Vikings

Baccus have added the first figures in their 6mm Viking range to their online store. They also have a preview of their Norse Cavalry figures. Vikings From their website:
I'm about to state something that many of you out there thought you would never read. I hope you are sitting comfortably, (and yes, I do mean YOU, Ruarigh...). We now have Vikings for sale. And to show that we are being really considerate, we know that even though these are 11th century Norsemen and the practices of shield nibbling, foaming at the mouth and being beastly to chaps while in a fanatic rage had long since been abandoned, you'll find some of those berseker and ulfhednar fellows along with some rather hairy looking Jarl-types in the EMV5 'Luminaries and Loonies pack'. The Vikings are available in our standard packs and an army pack, and in our popular Buy by the Unit option.