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Baccus previews and updates

Baccus have posted new previews of figures in their 6mm Russian Napoleonic range as well as news of a storm-related delay affecting the releases of their Polemos Ancients rules.

Russian Generals

From their website:
What a busy busy few days it's been! As everyone is now picking up the pieces after various celebrations, here's some news that may well soon be knocking sundry royal weddings and terrorist demises off the headlines. Yes, we've released yet more Napoleonic Russians!

I know, I know. How much excitement can you take? I have to say that this is a range that seems to expand faster than we can get new figures released for it. This time around you get some rather fetching Generals and a very useful limber and team and spectacular only by their lack of photographs at the moment, Hussars wearing kiwers and everyone's favourite, the Pavlovski Grenadiers.