Baccus preview Spanish Cavalry and Carthiginians

Baccus have posted preview photos of painted samples of their delayed Spanish Napoleonic Cavalry and Carthaginian figures.

Spanish Napoleonic Cavalry

From their website:

The only thing stopping the joyous announcement of the release of the new Napoleonic Spanish and the redesigned Carthaginians is that we are being held up by that old problem – a glitch in the supply chain. Or to be more precise I am sat here waiting for a new batch of mould discs to arrive so I can get production moulds pressed and metal poured. Your many and varied emails do give me the impression that there are some desperate people out there in 6mm-land, but please be patient for a wee while longer…

If all goes well I will be be doing the official public launch of these ranges at Partizan this coming weekend. Which brings me nicely to my usual request for you to get any pre-orders into us as soon as you can, so that we can get them all cast and packed for you.