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Baccus preview resculpted Napoleonic Russian figures

Baccus have posted photos and details of some of the resculpted 6mm Russian Napoleonic figures they will soon be releasing. Russians skirmishng From their website:
I am very pleased to be able to say that the first group of Napoleonic Russian resculpted figures are now available. This release covers infantry in shako, in kiwer, and sees the first of the new skirmishing poses for this range Following the pattern we established with the resculpted British, the new figures are far more detailed and robust than the originals with much stronger bayonets. For more details and to start building your armies. The next set of releases will cover the cavalry and artillery. As part of the process of overhauling the range we are taking the opportunity to add extra items where there were gaps or holes in the existing codes. So, the infantry get skirmishing figures and the artillery will now come with a range of pieces to choose from: