Baccus preview Punic Wars and Napoleonic figures

Baccus have posted photos of new 6mm Punic Wars and Spanish Napoleonic miniatures.

From their website:

This should have been a piece announcing the release of some new stuff, but due to our suppliers sending us the wrong sized mould blanks that will have to wait a few days. Instead I thought I’d keep your attention by showing you a couple of previews. First we have some Ancients. The resculpting of the Punic Wars figures is going pretty well and the first result of that in the form of the Spanish will be available very shortly, closely followed by what are quite frankly gorgeous Moorish infantry and light cavalry. Of course the ones that everybody wants are the Punics themselves and their elephants, so here’s a few masters for your delectation…

And to reassure those waiting for news of our Napoleonic Spanish range, here are some light infantry in a rather spiffing crested helmet.