Baccus preview Celts and ECW rules

Baccus have finished their resculpt of their 6mm Ancient Celt range and also have news of the release date for their Polemos English Civil War rules.

Celt Chariots

From their website:

I’ve got all the new Celts photographed, so the entire range is there to view from the Chariots to the Casualty markers

Work is underway on the new Republican Romans and Allies which when released will complete the resculpt of the entire Punic Wars ranges and we’ll move on to some brand new stuff for a while. Meanwhile, in another era we’re looking at add 1866 Austrians to the late 19th C ranges with release in early Autumn. To complement this, Peter Riley is working on an expansion booklet for the Polemos FPW rules to cover the period. If all our plans work perfectly the release of figures and rules will be coordinated for simultaneous release. So, you can expect them to come out at completely different times.

One set of rules definitely heading for release soon is the second edition of Polemos English Civil War. I hope to get off this off to the printers later this week with release next month. Exactly the time I predicted in the April 2010 catalogue where many of you will note that I mis-spelt ‘August’ as ‘July’. I will use a spell checker next time.