Baccus post Polemos ECW update

Baccus have posted an update on the status of their Polemos English Civil War rules.

From their website:

Along with working on fresh lots of new little men for you all to enjoy we’ve been hard at at behind the scenes on the second edition of the Polemos ECW rules. The good news is that we are finally approaching the end of the process. The new set will be brought into line with the overall approach and presentation of our more recent publications complete with a couple of scenarios accompanied by some excellent maps courtesy of Sven Lugar.

I won’t give a hostage to fortune by predicting a release date just yet, but I’d like to think in terms of a few weeks. I’ll give harder information a little nearer the time.

Something that will be making an appearance quite shortly is the resculpted Ancient Celts range. In anticipation of this event the old range has now been taken off sale. I’m afraid if you wanted some to complete your army, you are now out of luck. Don’t worry, the new improved Celt is heading your way.