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Baccus mail update

Baccus have posted an update on their website regarding the delay in US customers receiving parcels. From their website:
On a less pleasant note, I know that there are a number of people who have still not received orders that were sent out to them in December. This is especially true of packages sent to the US. There are essentially three main reasons for this, all of which have had a cumulative effect. Firstly during pretty much all of December the UK has been hit by very bad snow and treacherous conditions which has resulted in a large backlog of unsorted mail in delivery offices and warehouses. (Yes, I know it's only snow and we shouldn't be surprised when white stuff falls from the skies, but it has been pretty unprecedented in recent years and the transport infrastructure has not proved resilient.) Secondly, the Christmas peak linked to more people using on-line ordering because they could not get to shops as the buses weren't running because of the snow, resulted in an even greater demand on postal services than normal. Thirdly, (and less obviously), following the plot with the toner cartridge bombs send through the post, passenger flights into and out of the US were prevented from carrying any commercial post, thus creating a log jam until alternative arrangements could be made.