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Baccus announce 6mm Anglo Saxon army

Baccus have announced the release of their 6mm Anglo Saxon army. Huscarles with spears From their website:
A warm thanks to all of you who came to see us at the two recent shows in Sheffield and Newark. Both were definitely busy enough for us. The former was illuminated by three top-drawer games in 6mm all of which were sadly overlooked when it came to the judges giving out awards. But today's real news is the release of the range that has been in demand for the last few months. There have been complaints from all those owning shiny new Viking and Norman armies that they have nothing to oppose them. Well all that is now changed as we can finally release on to an unsuspecting world the Anglo Saxon army. You get some you Huscarles with spears and with axes and of course the chaps to tell them what to do. As ever, you can get these in single code packs, army packs and our ever-popular Buy by the Unit option. These wee chaps bring an end to this phase of the Early Mediaeval range for the moment, but we will be adding to it in the months ahead to prove that there is more to it than just 1066 and all that.