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Baccus 6mm Announces New Releases

Baccus 6mm Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

At long last, and after much trials, many tears and multitudinous tribulations, the resculpted Ancient Greeks are now available!

These include a much requested 'attacking' option which look quite splendid when ranked up and bearing down on the enemy. You can find more details if you go to Just to put you in the mood, there's a couple of piccys of just what you can expect on the News page

At this time of year it's quite common for wargamers' spouses/partners/significant others/girlfriends/mothers/daughters and sisters to turn their mind to buying the Man in their life some little soldiers. It's also common for said group to give up in despair as they come across a bewildering array of armies, periods and figure codes. As usual, we do our best to promote familial harmony by making Baccus Gift Vouchers available to ease the pain from the process. If you know what you want Santa to bring, but are sure that Santa's Little Helper won't have a clue where to start, then just go to this little link here...