B-Sieged Kickstarter Now Running (Updated)

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 28th, 2015

CMON and The Second Gate Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for B-Sieged, (Click Here) their new cooperative board game. This cooperative game pits players, who take command of heroes defending the city of Modhelm, against the Abyssal hordes, who are looking to wreak death and destruction to all in their path. Over the course of several seasons, players must defend their town while protecting a messenger who is sent out to find a powerful magic artifact that will break the enemy lines.
The campaign is set to run until May 19th.

Update: And they’ve made it over their funding goal. So they’re on their way to stretch goals for the next 20 days.

From the campaign:

B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss is a fully cooperative castle defense board game that combines exciting combat action with classic resource management. In this thrilling defensive battle, 1 to 6 players control the mighty Heroes of Modhelm, who must fight back the encroaching Abyssal hordes, and endure until salvation arrives!

B-Sieged comes with 70 highly detailed, pre-assembled miniatures including 6 Heroes and the unstoppable hordes of the Abyss. Each player takes control of a number of Heroes while the encroaching Abyssal forces are controlled by the game itself.

In B-Sieged, players must cooperate to defend the Citadel of Modhelm. Dark forces have surrounded the city and the entire realm will drown in flames if the Abyssal Hordes aren’t stopped! The Council has tasked the Messenger with escaping the siege to retrieve an ancient magic artifact that will break the enemy forces. The Citadel must endure the onslaught until the Messenger returns, and it’s the Heroes’ task to keep the Messenger safe and defend the Citadel.


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  • Odinsgrandson

    Not so much “live” at the moment I’m writing this. The kickstarter page is the ‘feedback for the campaign’ page that KS does for projects that haven’t started yet.

    • The campaign ran a couple minutes late getting started. It is now live.