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B-Sieged Busting Through Stretch Goals

CMON and Second Gate Games is busting through stretch goals in B-Sieged. In their wake they're leaving specially sculpted tokens, alternate and extra sculpts for the various monsters, and new heroes to help defend the town of Modhelm. Almost all of the broken goals have been Kickstarter exclusives, so if you want to get them, you'd better pledge. The next hero up to hopefully join in the city's defense is Dahlia. Sure, she looks like a simple peasant, but underestimating her abilities would be a great mistake.
Check out below the cut for her stat card and sculpt, plus a look at what's currently included in your $90 pledge for the game.
The campaign is set to run for another 18 days.

From the campaign:

Hail, defenders of Modhelm!

We've just beaten the 170,000 mark and unlocked the Kickstarter exclusive Alternate Standard Krohn figures! These are extra figures that our backers will receive, and they're as willing to breach into the Citadel as their regular counterparts!

Don't forget that our next Stretch Goal will unlock the Kickstarter exclusive Sculpted Destroyed Building tokens if we reach 185,000!

As a special treat, we're also going to talk about the stretch goal that follows the Sculpted Destroyed Building tokens. Believe it when we say that the next one is an eye-catcher!

Meet Dahlia, the peasant! If we reach 205,000, the Kickstarter exclusive heroine Dahlia, the Peasant, will join our ranks in the battle for Modhelm! Her charm and good looks would make one think she's vulnerable and fragile, but Dahlia is a fierce fighter, make no mistake.

Growing up in a farm gave Dahlia, the Peasant not only a deal of hardships to overcome, but also a solid dedication to work and a strong will. 'Stoicism', her starting Special Ability, represents Dahlia's natural skill to overcome troubles and frees her up from the requirement of gathering food by the end of each season. That means that her actions can be better spent in other areas of the Citadel and it makes it easier for her to get new Special Abilities. Lastly, she also has a Blue Permanent Card slot, which allows her to use one piece of Weapon or Armor.

To arms!