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B-Sieged and Black Plague Crossing Paths

The city of Modhelm just can't catch a break. First there were the hordes of the Abyss. Then there was the Iron Orc Nation. Now there's zombies! The B-Sieged Kickstarter is crossing over with the upcoming Zombicide: Black Plague campaign and taking the heroes from one and putting them in the situation of the other.

All of the Defender-level backers (and early-bird Defenders) will get a free set of Survivor ID Cards of the 8 B-Sieged heroes (from both the original Sons of the Abyss set as well as the Darkness & Fury expansion) as part of their Kickstarter goodies. The heroes include Osvith, Eileen, Kador, Orobox, Myrinia, Lugh, Khaz Maghur, and Bjorn. You must be a backer of this Kickstarter in order to get these cards. Also: these are just cards, and not extra miniatures as well. Just to make sure that's clear.

Igor Unlock

Also, they've just unlocked Igor, the Quack Doctor (*Quack!!*). The campaign keeps chugging along with 4 days left on the clock.