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Azogames launches Acrylic and Wood Gaming Accessories Kickstarter

Azogames is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new line of acrylic and wood gaming tokens, accessories, deck boxes and more.

Azo Games


From the campaign:

Azogames: the story so far

Earlier this year a friend acquired a laser engraver for his business, and offered to let me use it for a weekend or two to experiment and make some gaming items. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! I spent all of my free time that week designing tokens, turn trackers, and other odds and ends to make. The members of my gaming group and I covered the cost of materials, and by our next meeting I had a big box of goodies to give out.

Since then my tokens and other items have been seen at a number of local events. I've had many positive comments and requests to make more, but without my own equipment I can't meet the demand for what I've already designed, or bring new ideas to life - and I have a lot of new ideas!

As summer approached I began to seriously research what it would take to purchase my own equipment and set up a small shop so that I can continue to produce accessories for the games we love to play. I am finally ready to put the project out there and ask for help with the next step. I'm very excited about the possibilities that lay ahead!