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Azalean Models celebrates St. David's Day

Azalean Models is celebrating St. David's Day with a special paint deal. From their announcement:
Since we have a number of Welsh connections we'd like to celebrate the time around St David's Day on the 1st of March this year by offering you a discount on a 'paint a Welsh dragon' theme. So, until Friday 4th March, we're offering the following three paints as a triad for £4.40 - that's £1.00 off your order.
  • Coat d’Arms 154 Ink Wash Black
  • Coat d’Arms 129 Vampire Red
  • Coat d’Arms 104 Blood Red
Just click on the triad on the front page of our website. We think they're perfect for painting a dragon such as Sabelsinge from Miniature Heroes. Dydd Gw?l Dewi Sant hapus!