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Aye, Dark Overlord! Now Available

Ah, the best laid plans of giant mice monsters and goblin henchmen...
The Dark Overlord's latest plan for world conquest has failed and someone's going to have to answer for this. Everyone's pointing fingers at one-another, hoping to not be the one cast into the pit of eternal torment. But will your story save you from that horrible fate? That's just what you'll have to find out in the new edition of Aye, Dark Overlord!, available now from Asmodee.

From the release:

Ready your excuses, minions, for your master is greatly displeased at your most recent failure in the fight against good. Aye, Dark Overlord! is available now at your local retailer!

The excuse-slinging, back-stabbing, social card game of passing the buck is now available to add to your collection! Originally produced by Fantasy Flight Games, this re-issue and revitalization of the hilarious Aye, Dark Overlord! is available in two different versions: The Red Box faithfully recreates the original 2005 version while The Green Box offers a unique standalone experience with creative and clever new mechanics that can be paired with the original version for a game with endless variety.