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Ax Faction releases Bear Rider mini

Ax Faction has released their latest mounted mini. This one's their Northfjorder, the bear rider.
Note: If you go looking around their photos, not all are safe for work, and their homepage has embedded audio. The link takes you to their Facebook page.


From the release:

Well, it has taken a little longer than I hoped, but at last I can announce, he's here at last - the Northfjorder on rearing bear cometh!

...the second in our series 2 interchangeable Hunters and mounts! I'm really excited with this release and somehow with the imminent release of the Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug, our mighty woodsman fits in rather well!

The shop is stocked and ready and will be a first come first served basis as I have limited numbers ready to go! We also have all lines re-stocked - if you need a last minute Christmas present - something new, something shiny... then maybe this is your stop - please visit our web store at! More photos are also available on the site.

(Please note that we will ship all orders ASAP on receipt of them, but we cannot guarantee arrival before Christmas outside of the UK - boo!)

Aries, arise, Hunters! Hew and slaughter, ride now, ride now, and beyond death we will raise our horns and rejoice!