Ax Faction previews artwork for Druid’s Daughter

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jul 25th, 2013

Ax Faction has some new preview art for one of the next minis they’re working on, the Druid’s Daughter.
I kinda want to see what the bunny mount looks like in the final sculpt.

From the preview:

Ax Faction presents The Druid’s Daughter – Gnoll Hunter! The third of six new mounted hunters with interchangeable rider and mount!
I will release No 4 next week and at a rate of one per week upto the sixth, we will then produce them in order of popularity after The Northfjorder, so please do ‘like’ and comment away!

No 3 The Druid’s Daughter and Giant Hare – Gnoll Hunters!

Follow the action – join the Faction!
Thanks all!

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  • Ahh – the fierce bunny, infamous for it’s carnal desires and appetite for veggies – the perfect steed for engaging the enemy from behind and ruining their garden afterwards.

    • Soulfinger

      Bunnies are fierce. Have you ever seen one get in a fight? The gnolls will be soiling their armor. I think it looks cool, but imagine riding that thing. There would be this picture and then one of it in mid-hop with all of those javelins scattering everywhere and the rider vomiting from motion sickness. The riders are interchangeable, but you definitely don’t want to put a dude on that. Every landing would be, “Owwww, my balls!”

      • I think it’s a bit too silly even for fantasy – just as you mentioned – it’s a concussion inducing backbreaking kind of ride. Unless you neuter it, but then you’d have to motivate it with a carrot on the end of a stick. It’s novel though and I love the fact that it’s something other than a catdog, bear, horse, hippogriff etc. Personally I’d like to see some of the following as steeds:

        ostridge (or derivative fantasy bird
        on legs)
        whale (yes dammit!)

        the list goes on…

        I have not seen bunnies fight hehe, I’ve seen them veg out and almost die of a heart attack as I tried to pet them. Guess I am the fiercest of them all.

        • puster

          whale (yes dammit!)

          I assume these would need some rule adjustments for most games.

          To cover the impact…

    • 032125

      Tha’s no oordinary rabbit. He’s got a mean streak a mile wide!