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Ax Faction posts new cavalry solo concept art

Ax Faction posted up some more concept art for a new cavalry model they're working on. This one's riding a unicorn (not a bunny, like their last one).

From the preview:

All around (lawful) good girl! Ax Faction presents the next in our Mounted Hunter series: Raised by Champions - Noble Falconer & Pursuer of Fiends! Our fourth interchangeable rider and mount concept. Hope you all like this noble lass! We wanted to include a more generic mount in the series, hence the horse or unicorn! The Northfjorder would look quite the part on the back of the horse and the Feral Lass or Druid's Daughter would look at home on the back of a unicorn. Hopefully the horse will also allow gamers to use them on the table-top as a champion type for a more conventional cavalry unit.

We have had a lot of requests for a lady in armour, paladin style - so here she is! She will also come with two falcons - one in flight and one perched. As mentioned before, we will produce them in order of popularity after the Northfjorder, so please do like and comment on your favourite one!

No 5 will be posted up next week...

Stay tuned to the Faction! Thanks everyone!