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By tgn_admin
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Jan 1st, 2011

So now that the awards are over for the year I wanted to get some feedback on two issues.

1) The name of the Editor’s Choice Awards. I don’t actually vote in them and so the name is a gross misnomer. I also think that it suggests something that isn’t the reality of the awards in that they are a juried set of nominations and votes to determine them. So what would be a better name?

2) Should we add a new category for things like vehicles? One trend I am noticing is that vehicles like the Nova Russ Jeep don’t tend to have a lot of luck in the awards. Which is a total shame since vehicles and other large models like that are often the result of even more hard work than the average miniature. So should we have a category for vehicles and should it be widened to include other “large models”?

  • Henrix

    A vehicles category would be a good idea, but I don’t think it should be other large figures. They got a lot of love as it is.

  • Drusus Geronimo Rat Esq

    Instead of the Editor’s Awards how about the TGN Jury Awards?

    • fiendil

      This does make the most sense, as it’s a jury, rather than the readership or the editor…

  • Psychotic Storm

    1 Who is voting that should determine the name, want to call it inner circle, want to call it something else to give a why it is so special? the name should come from who are voting in it.

    2 I think the categories and checking needs some wide range tweaking, vehicles should have their own category, accessories need to be diversified from terrain so does scale. even if that means some categories will not have many nominations that should be a flag for the industry that there is a gap to be filled.

    On the Sci fi category alone we had 70mm display figures, 35mm- 30mm wargame figures, 30mm “scale”vehicles, 15mm figures and 15mm “scale” vehicles and of course wet nurse that somehow ended up in the sci fi, even the creator of the figure in a daka thread wondered why a fantasy miniature was in a sci fi category.

    I believe some diversity is needed, the 15mm got crushed under the quality of the 30mm figures and it is understandable because they are different category.

  • Alien Dave

    A few more categories would not go amiss. Vehicles, large models, different scales as suggested by Psychotic Storm above would be great also.

    As for a name, if TGN readers are nominating and voting on these polls, then why not simply rename them to the TGN Reader Awards..?

    Dave W

    • Zac

      The Editor’s Choice Awards are based on nominations from the Jury

  • Nemesis

    I agree. Whenever possible different scales should be differenciated.

    As for Editor’s Awards they could be renamed Professional Awards or “Jury Awards”. Who’s part of the jury?

  • Nightbee

    It looks like people are finding it difficult to name the awards without knowing the members of the jury. Regardless, I think “Editor’s Choice” sounds better than any of the suggested replacements.

  • TGN Readers’ Choice Awards

    • Zac

      We already have a Reader’s Choice Awards Art. 🙂

      • I was being facetious… I just don’t get the need for this award group?

        • Zac

          One of the complaints of the Reader’s Choice Awards is that it tends to focus on products released nearer the end of the year and is also driven by fan groups and communities. Boy in Goat Suit is an example of this 🙂

          The “Editor’s Choice” Awards were conceived as a way to provide a set of awards that weren’t driven by fans and looked at products released over the whole of the year.

  • 1) Call them the Staff Selections. That way it’s clear they represent personal favorites of he TGN staff and clears up that they aren’t the Zac Awards. 🙂

    2) I would like a good vehicle category. It isn’t a huge expansion but it has merit as a type of figure.

    • evernevermore (John)

      Staff Selections or Staff’s Pick sound good to me.

      How do you think vehicles would do when competing just against minis of the same scale? Perhaps next time round classes will be Sci-fi 28mm and Sci-fi 15mm rather than just Sci-fi

      • I think keeping vehicles scale free would make it less work for Zac to manage, and it would cover things like Dystopian Wars, Full Thrust, etc.

  • Nemesis

    Wouldn’t it be possible to have a few guests from the gaming industry in the jury (providing they don’t vote for themselves)? Is it already the case or is it just TGN staff?

    • Zac

      There are some industry people in the jury. The jury is a bit of a nebulous body as it changes from year to year based on people’s time commitments. There were several people this year that weren’t able to participate but did last year for example.

  • deadpool002

    Going to list out a few name ideas that I thought of:

    Best of (year goes here) awards
    End of Year awards
    The Dread Awards (we are the judge and Jury…might be some copy right issues)
    TGN Hall of Fame (insert year)

    As far as categories, I’m not too picky. Breaking it down too much may cause some issues of getting enough entries, but hey won’t know till we try it out.

  • Overall, I think the first thing to state is that the awards done on TTGN are have always been great and always turn me on to something new I haven’t seen. That said I think a vehicle category is not only a great idea, but would really showcase some pieces that get overlooked. Another great category would be a “large model” category for things like titanic warmachines, giants, dragons, etc.

    • Actually, large model could even include vehicle, and of course, by “are have” I meant have (lol).

  • Quirkworthy

    In a sort of “back to basics” sort of frame of mind (and not seeking to put any noses out of joint), I’m wondering why we have this staff/jury/whatever list at all.

    Having a public vote makes sense to me as this is the opinion of the gaming masses. It’s generally useful and interesting as this is the view of gamers at large (with the obvious caveats of only being those who look at TGN, decide to vote, etc). I also find it interesting to see Zac’s personal pick as he is the driving force of this marvelous site and it’s nice to find out a little more about the chap we owe all this entertainment to.

    On the other hand, I see little to get excited about in a set of votes of an anonymous set of people who may or may not be staff or industry notables. Why does it matter what this particular group think rather than any other random group? Despite the effort that goes on behind the scenes (and I happen to know one of this year’s jury personally) from an outsider’s point of view they may as well have been determined randomly.

    Bearing in mind that all of these votes entail extra work for Zac and the team, I’d suggest that you need to clearly define the utility of a vote before signing up for the extra workload. For example, if it’s the views of the TGN staff as a whole, then great. My comments on Zac’s views hold true here too. But if you do that then it would be nice to see a little bit about who the staff are. It might also be cool to see the views of industry professionals. But again, tell us who they are. It’ll clearly make a difference if you have a panel of GW staff or a panel of independent traders, for example. Knowing who they are will generate more interest and also make it easier/more interesting to interpret the results. For example, if a panel of GW staff picked Reaper figures as best SF…

    One other option could be to get “guest voters” (staff/pros/well-known forumites) to write their own version of Zac’s votes, explaining why as well as just giving 1st, 2nd, etc. Again, just as it is interesting to see Zac’s views (as we all know him from this site) it might also be fun to see the views of those forum names we see regularly, or staff, or pros.

    Just my 2 cents :o)

  • antenociti

    FWIW this is how we breakdown “stuff” ( without wishing to sound snarky your category of “Terrain” is completely miss-named Zac!!!) :

    1) Accessories: anything that goes on, in or under a figure, model, vehicle, scenery or terrain that is not in one of the other categories.

    2) Scenery: Buildings and other structures that go on top of Terrain and to which may be added Accessories, inside or outside.

    3) Terrain: What Scenery goes on top of: including mats, hills, mountains, trees, roads and other objects that are not Scenery or Accessories.

    Camouflage Netting is an Accessory, so are figure heads, weapons packs, bases, doors and windows, keypads, interior furnishings and stowage packs for vehicles.
    Scenery:Buildings, bunkers, castles, keep, towers and other stand-alone structures
    Terrain: Mat-O-War, GW plastic Hills and trees, pre-made terrain boards, rivers, canals and roads.

    By the nature of what the categories are it helps to breakdown “stuff” into sizes, scales are generally then less important and need not bbe broken down any further.

    Vehicles, as with figures, may need to be broken down into sizes, but thats more down to what time the judges have than a real “need”: one can judge quality of a figure of different sizes much easier than a figure versus a vehicle, or piece of scenery or accessory.

    So should we have a category for
    vehicles and should it be widened to
    include other “large models”?

    I would suggest keeping to defined use, rather than size, as the size does not always relate to the use, if you use my above categories as an example an “Accessory”, such as our medical scanner, might be bigger than a piece of scenery, such as a Well or a 6mm building, both of which are “Scenery”. CD-sized bases, display plinths and large flight-bases for flying games are sometimes bigger than a lot of scenery…especially small-scale buildings…yet all of those items are “Accessories”.

  • antenociti

    bah! missed off “stand-alone” for scenery….

    That should read: “Stand-alone Buildings and other structures that go on top of Terrain and to which may be added Accessories, inside or outside.”