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Awakening The Uwe -- Ep. 6 of The Board Game Show

The Board Game Show has posted up episode 6 of their podcast for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Episode 6 features game designer Uwe Eickert of Academy Games. Eickert discusses ongoing work on their upcoming Gettysburg game, the Conflict of Heroes series and solo expansion, as well as other games in progress. I also talk to designer Philip duBarry about the new board game Family Vacation, coming to a Kickstarter near you. I review Dixit: Journey and discuss how my 7-year-old daughter duped the grandparents with the perfect clue. I take on The Resistance: Avalon in 30-Second Review. Jeff and I pay homage to Ambush and fallen soldiers in Warfare with Jeff. In Cocktails with Ash, we indulge in our favorite "pink and green" cocktails from South of the border. All this and more in Awakening the Uwe, Episode 6 of The Board Game Show! Let's begin now, shall we?