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Awaken: The Blood of Salvora RPG Up On Kickstarter

Awaken! Awaken! Awaken! Awaken! Take the land that must be taken!
Man, just all sorts of musical references these posts. Anyway, in this case, it's a new book for the Awaken RPG. In this case, it's a new sourcebook called The Blood of Salvora to flesh out the overall world, giving you more details in regions, cities, and the people that inhabit it. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Welcome to the Kickstarter Page for a brand new Awaken book!

The Blood Of Salvora!

After the original Awaken: Core Rulebook we are very proud to show you the next step in the world of Awaken: The Blood Of Salvora. The purpose of this Kickstarter project is to print and release the book which will expand and deepen the game setting of Awaken.

The world of Awaken is full of constant strife and discord. It’s a world where the Great Cities fight for supremacy and leadership over the Alliance; a loose political association holding the territories of Salvora united. A world where ancient powers have resurfaced, in the form of Vasalli; humans that have undergone a physical change that has blessed and cursed them with mythical gifts, powers that were not meant for humans to have.

And with the world of Awaken still trying to recuperate from the fight with the Vargans, an ancient nemesis of all humankind; it is obvious that something in the world of Awaken is determined to test the survival instinct of all humankind.

But Awaken is not just a world filled with endless battles but a world that is filled with exploration and several places that are just waiting to be discovered by the player.

The campaign's working its way to 1/3 funded with still 27 days left to go.