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Awaken RPG Now Available Digitally

It's always nice to see games that were funded via Kickstarter end up for general sale. In this case, it's the Awaken RPG from The Games Collective. Print editions will be forthcoming, but they've got the digital version available now for your downloading and reading pleasure.

From the announcement:

Awaken, a roleplaying game made by The Games Collective hits the digital shelves of DriveThruRPG!

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, The Games Collective released a digital version of it's tabletop RPG Awaken, as a prelude to the upcoming hardcover edition of the game.
The physical edition will be published by Studio2 Publishing known for its Savage World, Shadows of Esteren, Mistborn, and various other releases.

In the meantime, The Games Collective released the digital edition of the game through the popular DriveThruRPG service, where it's available for $19.99

Awaken on DriveThruRPG