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Awaken Dark Fantasy RPG Back Up On Kickstarter

If, at first, you don't succeed, try, try again. Words to live by. You're not going to be successful every time you do something, but that certainly doesn't mean you should give up. Take a look at what you've got, evaluate that in light of the information you've gained, see where improvements can be made, and go back at it. That's what the fellows behind Awaken have done. They're back up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding love.

The game is a dark fantasy tabletop RPG that draws from Slavic and Mediterranean folklore. The Alliance's Colossi, long the guardians of their great cities, are dying. Timing couldn't be worse, as Vargans are still hiding in the shadows underground, ready to once more wage war. Meanwhile, the Northern borders are under attack from various, strange nations that reside beyond the walls. It's up to the Vasalli to save humanity. But can they balance their power with the corrupting power it brings?

The campaign is about 1/3 funded with still 29 days left to go.