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AWACS now on sale

Assault Publishing now has their AWACS solo miniatures game for sale up on their website.

Today, Arm Weapons and Climb Solo: Gulf War, the second game of Assault Publishing, is officially released!

It is a bit experimental project and one of few attempts of making primary solitaire miniatures wargame. It is sold as a boxed set, with the game, models and many accessories – nearly everything needed to start playing. It is also the first wargame officially co-published by Oddzial Ósmy (AWACS:GW comes under both AP and OO brands).
You can purchase it at AP on-line store or ask one of the following retailers, who have it in the offer: Caliver Books (UK), Wargames Emporium (UK), Battlefield Berlin (DE), Masters of Military (DE) and Pico Armor (USA).
Please note that if you are the retailer from the country where there is no store cooperating with AP and you are interested in stocking its products please contact me at