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Aventine release Macedonian standing Phalanx command figures

Aventine Miniatures have released two packs of 28mm Macedonian Phalanx command figures. Macedonian Phalanx command figures From their announcement:
We have just added two command packs to the store. They have 2 musicians and 2 officer/file leader/standard bearer figures each. They are 28mm and in lead alloy. This completes the standing section of the phalanx range with Tarentine variants coming soon then it is on with the advancing poses. Each pack is £5.00. We have now five 16 figure unit deals in various combinations. We have listed them in 16s to allow the creation of larger units by adding 2 or more together to get the mix of armours and command desired. We have also a new shield for them, a rimless shield the same diameter as the rimed one AVS13. We can supply either upon request. There are now 56 different figures in this section and with more Tarentine versions to come we can see two 32 figure units with no two figures the same being fielded.