Aventine release African Elephants and Republican Roman crews

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Jan 6th, 2011

Aventine Miniatures have released African Elephants and Republican Roman crews for them.

Elephant Horde

From their announcement:

We have added two African Elephants to our range. These are our best guess at what the elephants used by the Carthaginians, Numidians, Ptolemaic and Roman armies used following the loss of the Indian elephants. The Roman crew is again a guess, did they put their troops into the towers or just employ Numidians? Who knows but it is possible that Romans did climb onboard thus the addition of the Roman crew sets. We will be adding Carthaginian and Numidian crews for these along with another set of elephants with astride crews for the above nations. Our existing successor elephant crews can also be used to provide Late Successor Elephants.

Happy New Year to you all

Keith and Adam
Aventine Miniatures

  • Borzag

    28mm…. would be handy for WarGods games. They definitely look the business too 🙂 I’m not historical so no idea on price… do we know what these are made from?

  • scottjm

    I’ve got a couple of their Hellenistic/Successor elephants and they’re really nice. They’re all metal minis.

  • Aventine

    Yes 28mm scale.The elephants come as a kit, the head, two body halves, a tail and a bell, they are all metal and will need a small amount of filler to complete. The tower is a 5 section kit that is included in the price of the elephant ie £15. The crews are £3.50 each.