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Avengers Starter Set Previewed For Marvel Universe Miniatures Game

People who are known for procuring vengeance, all gather together in one place!
... Ok, so maybe it's better when Cap does it. What do you want? I didn't get injected with super-soldier serum. I'm just some dude.
Anyway, welcome back to the ongoing saga that are the previews coming out for the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game. Hendybadger showed us the Guardians of the Galaxy set yesterday. Today we get a look at the Avengers.

The starter comes with four of the most iconic Avengers of them all. To start out you've got Steve Rogers. He's, of course, the leader of the group, with abilities to match. That's not to say he won't fling his shield at enemies, himself, of course. After that is Tony Stark and his Ironman suit. The suit gives him great speed and strength, plus a whole arsenal of weaponry he can unleash on his opponents. By god, the next hero is a god. Thor Odinson is next up, hitting enemies with Mjolnir or calling down lightning them, whichever might be most helpful at the time. Finally, for a bit of stealth and subtlety, there's Natasha Romanova, aka - The Black Widow. Need someone to get to an objective stealthily? She's the woman for the job.