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Avatars of War update on IndieGoGo

Avatars of War broke through $15k and still have a week to get the last bit to their goal.

From the update:

We made it to the Veteran Dwarfs regiment!!! Characterful dwarf warriors hardened by hard training and war! When sculpting these I will make sure you can see they are veterans just from a quick look, because of their hardened faces, a scar here & there.

We are also very close to the main Goal!

We have lowered a lot the tour price, and I think it is quite interesting now ;)
It has gone down to US$1000, so now if you find three friends to do the tour with you it is $250 per person to spend 5 days in Barcelona during this summer, and get to play in AoW HQ against my Berserker army after a nice day at the beach (and before going partying out around Barcelona at night ;))!
Thanks so much to all contributors!