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Avatars of War Sale Going On This Month

Avatars of War is taking advantage of the recent value-drop for the Euro and is having themselves a sale over on their webshop to celebrate (sort of). At any rate, those that had always feared exchange rates will be happy to know they can get Warthrone and Arena Deathmatch minis for a bit cheaper right now.

From the announcement:

With the latest moves from the European Central Bank (ECB), the Euro has fallen to its lowest value since 2003, being now almost in parity with the USD.
To us it means one very important thing: Getting AoW miniatures for gamers & collectors in non-Euro countries is now more affordable than ever before - literally, as in 2003 AoW was not yet born :)
And if that was not good enough, AoW will gladly support the ECB move by offering free shipping to non Euro countries, on all orders over 40 EUR, until the end of March!

To take profit of this offer, just place an order on our webshop as usual, but select "Non Euro March 2015 offer" as your shipping zone.

It's a sweet time to get in the market!!!!!!