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Avatars of War releases new Hordes of Apocalypse models

Avatars of War released new Hordes of Apocalypse over in their webstore. Go check 'em out.

From the update:

Preceding the expected arrival of the Dwarves in November, the Hordes of Apocalypse continue to expand.

This month new releases will allow you to add to your army the sock forces Pestilence, the Corrupters of Apocalypse, with three new items.

-Corrupters of Apocalypse with great weapons (regiment of 17 multipart WarCast plastic miniatures: 14 troopers plus musician, leader and standard bearer)
-Corrupters of Apocalypse command group (3 multipart WarCast plastic miniatures).
-Champion of Pestilence (One metal miniature).