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Avatars of War plastic Dwarf Berserkers pre-order

Avatars of War is now accepting pre-orders from their 28mm plastic Dwarf Berserkers regiment box. plastic Dwarf Berserkers From their announcemnt:
To reward those who pre-order, the pre-order box is a special edition (with a limited run), that contains exclusive pieces for the command group, which will only be available in this special edition. This pre-order special edition box will only be available while quantities last. Please, note that this product is available for pre-order and will be released on the last week of May. Pre-ordered boxes will be the first ones to be shipped upon release. Set details The box contains twenty 20mm bases, one regiment movement tray, five trooper sprues and one command sprue, allowing to assemble a 20 figures regiment: 17 troopers, a musician, a standard bearer and a champion.