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Avatars of War: Knight of Drumminor & Cirlean Imperial Wizard Now Available

In Warthrone, massive armies clash for dominance on the battlefield. Countless footmen, pikemen, and bowmen fight while the various heroes of the armies blast and bash huge holes in the enemy forces. It's those heroes that we're here to focus on at the moment. Two new ones are available over in the Avatars of War webshop. They're the Cirlean Imperial Wizard and the Knight of Drumminor.

Wizards are able to tell the laws of physics, "not today" and just sort of do what they want, be it shield themselves from enemy arrows and swords, or set entire regiments of enemy forces on fire, to flying from here to there. Your Cirlean army will certainly do well with one of these on their side of the field.

And I was in marching band for quite a few years. I know drum majors, but I've never known a Drumminor before. But hey, it's always good to meet new people. Anyway, you can now ad a Knight of Drumminor to your Warthrone armies as well.