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Avatars of War Indiegogo campaign new perks

Avatars of War has 10 days left to go for their campaign and are a little more than halfway to their goal. To help out, they've posted up some new perks.

From the update:

We have made some updates to the perks!
Removed the ones that were not interesting for you, and added new ones.
I think the AoW mega-subscription raffle is specially tempting :)

Also, the tour has gone down to US$1000, so now if you find three friends to do the tour with you it is $250 per person to spend 5 days in Barcelona during this summer, and get to play in AoW HQ against my Berserker army after a nice day at the beach!

Well, I really hope you find the new perks a nice addition to the campaign and we get to our goal!

Thanks so much to all contributors!