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Avatars of War having a special deal on their Dwarf Pathfinders

Avatars of War is running a special on their Dwarf Pathfinders going on now over in their webshop.

From the special:

After receiving the first batch of orders from retailers, we have about 200 boxes of Dwarf Pathfinders left in the AoW warehouse. Since it would be a big success if this first run of boxes was completely over before the next restock arrives, we have decided to make a online shop special!
For the duration of this stock (about 200 boxes) you can get the box of 20 Dwarf Pathfinders for 30 € (the RRP is 35 €), and get for free a miniature of the Dwarf Berserker Borg Ironfist (only available so far with the Vallejo-AoW paint set).