Avatars of War: Dwarf Army on IndieGoGo

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
May 28th, 2012

Avatars of War has an IndieGoGo campaign going on for Warthrone to get their new Dwarf Army funded. Check it out.

From the campaign:

With our upcoming wargame, Warthrone, round the corner, Avatars of War has switched from doing only heroes, to developing full fantasy armies.

AoW is still a small company and developing a full fantasy army is a very big project. Thanks to the development of the WarCast medium, we can create multipart plastic regiments with a very reasonable investment, however, our investing capability allows us to sculpt and produce only a small fraction of what would be a totally complete Dwarf army.

We have created the Dwarf Army funding campaign with the goal of being able to create and release an awesome & complete full Dwarf Army!

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  • TomasT

    What is the ‘war cast medium’?

  • JRacel


    Pretty sure this refers to the Plastic/Resin compound that Avatars of War is using. I have seen nothing but good comments about it, so it has definitely been done far better than GW’s Finecast. Hopefully someone will come along with all the details.

  • mrbushtroll

    charcoal pictures are nice….need some greens and pictures of current finished minis to really decide to donate

    dwarfs yes…..not that my current 3000 is enough, but hero’s and regiments of renown could really give it a some unique umph.

    pictures look good….some neat ideas…..will be following closely….and i guess i should actually look deeper into the website to find more info

    • Agreed, some greens would be minimum to commit at this point. The goodies are not that spectacular, either. Still, I wish Felix all the best, and will probably buy into it when things evolve a bit more.

  • jedijon

    I’ll give them this for free even – WARTHRONE – in that font, w/all caps…it’s a hard read. You’ve got to WANT to try to figure out what you’re reading and for me it was a split thing. The only thing powering me through this one was my rising gorge over the socially pre-funded game venture. Inescapably ubiquitous?

  • StygianBeach

    Looking good! Not origional, but I think a familar look is better with something like Dwarves. I just hope they dont go too Heroic with the Weapons like they did with their Armoured Warriors.