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Avatars of War Announces the FeliX Files

Felix Paniagua, the creative force behind Avatars of War, has announced a new, limited edition set of figures, the first of which is available now. How limited are these figures? Very limited. Meaning that there's 1. This first figure is the Dwarf Dragon Seeker figure.

From the announcement:

A new range of unique and exclusive variations of our existing heroes, converted by Felix Paniagua. No moulds, no castings… an incredible opportunity to possess a professionally sculpted, one-off stunning miniature, that no other player or collector in the world will have!
With no more delay, let me introduce you the first FeliX FILE.

This Dragon Seeker is ONE OF A KIND, NO MOULD OR CASTINGS will be made, and it can be yours, your precious, the One Dragon Seeker!