Avatars of War adds the Cirleans to Warthrone

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
May 13th, 2013

Avatars of War has added a new faction to the world of Warthrone with the Cirleans.

From the announcement:

Nuevo Warthrone army: Cirlea
At the shout of “¡Santiago y cierra, Cirlea!” the Cirlean army arrives at the world of Warthrone.
You can download this new army list and find out the background of the most powerful nation of Saga, the Cirlean Empire. Its geography, history, politics and religion and a selection of 85 concept designs for Cirlea!

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  • StygianBeach

    Wow, I love the overall look and the big Beards and Moustaches. My only gripe is the overly fancy Halberd and Pikes.

    I just hope the weapon scaling is not as Heroic as their Dwarves and Apokalypse Warriors. If the weapons are not too over sized it will be seriously hard for me to resist these when they are released.

  • cybogoblin

    Hot damn! Telmarines riding lions. That’s all sorts of Narnian goodness.

  • Gallahad

    These look fantastic. I would be very excited for them if I didn’t expect that they will hit retail in 2016.