Avalon Hill’s Up Front Reprint on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Dec 11th, 2012

Up Front is looking to get reprinted and is using Kickstarter to help. And it’s worked! But as always, there’s stretch goals and all that fun kinda stuff.

From the campaign:

A reprint of the Avalon Hill classic World War II card game Up Front is currently on Kickstarter. Up Front simulates squad-level combat between the various World War 2 nationalities. The Kickstarter campaign is notable in that many fan-made expansions produced over the years are being offered as stretch goals, dramatically increasing the number of nationalities past the original five.

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  • jmw23

    There were six original nationalities. That’s on me though, since I sent this news item in! In any case, I’m psyched about the Kickstarter campaign. Up Front is a fantastic game that is still a blast to play today.

  • Grindar

    Be wary of this one though. Radiant’s parent company owes several designers/backers a few hundred thousand in fees and defaulted loans…and by the evidence that the people over on the geek have dug up, it’s not hard for a court to decide the companies are linked (website registration to same address, many of same employees except with a US-based president for Radiant. Heck even “Radiant’s” kickstarters have been branded with Valley Games logos.

    • grimbergen

      dang… this is sad. I just spent the past hour reading up on this on BGG… now I’m mad that I wasted time on all this reading and also having backed airborne in my pocket.

  • JRacel

    As much as I wanted this I refuse to back people as unethical as the folks behind this Kickstarter. If they are willing to take loans and never pay them back and sell games and not pay the IP owner for those sales, how likely is it that they will also screw over their KS Backers. Even if the KS Project goes off without a hitch, why would I want to give my money to such people. Just not happening and it’s a real shame because I so very much wanted this game.

    • jmw23

      Careful guys. You don’t want to draw any legal conclusions before you know the whole story. I’m a lawyer, and I don’t even want to do that. It’s foolish, and can easily lead you to an incorrect view of things. All we know is that there is a judgment against Valley Games. Fine. Judgments can be entered into for a wide variety of reasons, including that one side never got proper notice of the suit, or is contesting the jurisdiction and therefore chose to not send a representative. These judgments are successfully appealed all the time, and are even frequently overturned by the courts that issued them.

      Based on that judgment in a foreign court (Valley Games is in Canada and judgment was issued in the US), BGGers have ran with this and made up all kinds of scenarios and ideas without any basis in reality. Even the guy suing Valley Games, a separate company, has said it has nothing to do with Radiant Games, the company putting out Up Front. That didn’t seem to matter, as wild, rampant speculation has hurt what ought to be a very successful KS project for no valid reason.

      • cama

        The truth? You can’t handle the truth! You’re out of order!

        I would personally never buy into a Kickstarter anyway; rampant speculation and Internet lawyers just make it easier. Phew!

      • JRacel


        I understand your point, but I also feel where there is smoke there is fire. People are free to read the information available and make their own decisions. Mine is that I cannot support this, but I feel it is important that people are aware that there is a history here. Just because the legal issues may allow these individuals to be in the “clear” does not make what they have allegedly done in the past right or acceptable to me on a personal level. I also realize the person whom the judgement was for and who was not paid back for the loans has said he hopes people do support UpFront since it might increase his odds of getting paid back at some point. I just do not feel comfortable with this endevor and walked away disappointed, but people do have aright to their opinions regardless of whether everyone likes them.

      • Grindar

        He stopped saying that (not connected) once it was pointed out that the websites for the two companies are registered to the same physical address in Canada…to the Vice-President of Valley Games. As far as jurisdiction goes, from my understanding the jurisdiction was specified by the contracts themselves, so that can’t be an issue.

        Does not change the fact that the people behind the project are scum who don’t pay their obligations. They just nominally have a different president, but even print games under the same logos…They’ve also been proven to have retconnned the information on the Kickstarter page, claiming one company did the work when the previous kickstarters attributed them to Valley…Heck, the company that has allegedly done the 3 successful Kickstarters still didn’t have a webpage of their own, the link they gave on the project page was dead.

        I want the project to succeed myself, I just wish somebody else was doing it.