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Australian Animals Fantasy Football Kickstarter going on now

Australian Animals is sort of a super-group of a Kickstarter, bringing together companies like Impact, Aussie Block Dice, and Greebo in one place for a very special episode of Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

I'm very proud to announce that due to the combined efforts of Impact, Greebo and Willy along with the organisers of Southern Shrike Bowl and Eucalyptus Bowl, we have just launched the Australian Animal Miniatures Kickstarter

Over the years we've made a large number of awesome Aussie animals as tournament support, and now we've got enough that people make full teams out of them. But due to their limited nature, many of them are really hard to get hold of and can be expensive when you do.

So, as a once off, we've all joined forces to make these miniatures available again via this Kickstarter with some awesome bundled rates. So if you've always wanted a Euc Bowl Koala figure (or four!) or perhaps have dreamed of fielding a full Aussie Menagerie, this may be your best and last chance!